10 Early Learnings From 10 Days of Online Writing That Will Help New Writers Get Started

Mitch Malone
3 min readMay 19, 2024


I recently set out on a mission to write more. I killed my writing back-end, moved to Medium, and began a daily writing habit with Ship 30 for 30. Here are my 10 early learnings after 10 fun days of writing.

Tip 1: Just Get Started

There is no such thing as “the right time to get started.” I *really* don’t have the time right now to take on new projects, but I did it anyway. I began setting my alarm for 05:30 and writing before I start work for the day. After 10 days of this habit I am now excited to head to bed and rise in the morning to start my next article.

Tip 2: Discoverability Is Easier on Established Platforms

Medium, Substack, and other such platforms already have a built in audience. Use this.

I’ve had far more article reads in the last 10 days than when I was managing my own blog on a domain. I still have my own website, that’s not really going anywhere, but writing on Medium has been far more satisfying.

I also recommend reading an article by Karen Banes titled I Quit My Blogs and Replaced Them with Three Simple, Free, Writing Platforms on why these platforms are great and why managing your own back-end can suck.

Tip 3: Writing Platforms Provide Good Reading

Without moving to Medium I would have found far less good things to read. Recommended aren’t always perfect, and it’s obvious that there are a lot of amateur writers like me trying stuff, but I do find some hidden gems on Medium.

Tip 4: Start With A Framework

To get started on my new writing journey I signed up for [Ship 30 for 30](https://t.co/EIal5zFtMN). This has been super helpful in having a daily commitment and structure for writing. Irrespective of how you do it, having some skin in the game as you start writing is a terrific way to create the habit.

Tip 5: Read What You Want to Write

Writing about a topic you’re not personally well read on is hard. I highly recommend reading more about what you intend to write about.

Tip 6: Hit Publish, Then Share

Every article I write on Medium immediately gets shared to LinkedIn and Twitter. There may be more channels in the future. While that’s incredibly intimidating at times, I just can’t stress enough about gathering more feedback by ensuring your efforts are read.

Tip 7: People May Not Get It

Whenever I tell people I am out of bed at 05:30 to write they just don’t get it. And most of my friends who aren’t in my industry don’t get it either. Writing requires a brand new network and it can be disheartening to have friends not be as excited for your writing as you are.

Tip 8: Don’t Use AI (Yet)

I really can’t stress this enough — if you’re trying to get good at writing, practice the craft and don’t use AI. I feel like it’s still incredibly easy to indentify AI assisted writing, and as a reader it’s a huge turn off.

All of my articles are 100% human written by me and I intend to keep it that way.

Tip 9: Use AI

Alright, I’m not a crazy person, hear me out. AI is *amazing* for idea generation. So while I strongly advise against letting AI write your articles, I also think it’s a terrific way to broaden scope and get loads of ideas.

Tip 10: Be Resilient

I am 10 days in and I am seeing little-to-no success. During these 10 days I have been losing sleep, writing daily, and embracing the grind. I definitely know it’s getting easier and easier, so I have my fingers crossed that I will see readership growth soon.



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