Three Topics I’m Exploring in 2024 to Improve Myself

Mitch Malone
2 min readMay 7, 2024

I am incredibly introspective. I think a lot about things I don’t know, I try and find reasonable and gradual ways to improve, and I frequently find myself delving into topics which I feel will make me a better friend, partner, outdoors person, and leader.

To a large extent I cater about 80% of my non-fiction reading I do around the gaps I feel I have, and I follow the Slow Growth™ mantra of taking an active interest in improving myself by small amounts on a daily basis.

These are 3 topics I am actively thinking about a lot in 2024.

Topic #1: Stoicism

While I don’t think I could call myself a true stoic; someone who sheds off the stresses and frustrations of life with ease, I do acknowledge that bad things happen regularly and finding tools to deal with this inevitable fact is highly valuable.

Through reading and learning about stoicism, and putting into practice some of the ways of thinking about life, I hope to equip myself with better stress management techniques, and be more capable and handing frustrations in life as they present themselves.

Topic #2: Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere, and because I am a tech leader you might assume that I am on the bleeding edge of advancements, but truthfully I am far more old school by nature and this is an active area of learning for me.

I’ve written a little about ethics in artificial intelligence and I certainly have a vest interest in exactly how AI plays out in the world, but becoming a quality *user* of AI requires study, practice and work.

Topic #3: Content Creation and Knowledge Sharing

As someone who recently hit their 40’s the idea of creating content feels very much like a young persons game. But the truth is that after ~20 years of working in technology and ~7 years working in leadership, I’ve seen a lot of stuff.

I survived multiple industry downturns and a global financial crisis. I have grown teams from 5 people to 100+ people during a global pandemic. I have taken a year off to travel around the world. And I even got pretty good at World of Warcraft once upon a time.

Writing, and sharing, is the thing I am committing time and effort to in 2024. I recognize that I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the knowledge I have gathered, and I feel a genuine responsibility to develop my skills further in being able to share this with the world.



Mitch Malone

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